Smart hydroponic growing pot for indoor herbs

£44.99 inc VAT
  • Smart hydroponic growing pot for indoor herbs

Smart hydroponic growing pot for indoor herbs

£44.99 inc VAT
Daily healthy fresh herbs ready for picking!

The Smart hydroponic growing system will effortlessly grow a variety of herbs using its full spectrum LED grow light.

Soilless hydroponic cultivation - grow with the soilless medium provided.

With multi illumination technology, plants can grow using 3 light modes.

Blue light promotes vegetation and leaf growth and red light promotes flowering and fruiting. These growing techniques can result in faster growth and higher yields!

No need for daily watering. Just fill up the reservoir using the nutrient and water injection hole and the built in water sensor will let you know when it’s running low.

More than handy features

The 170º adjustable lamp permits herb growth of up to 17 inches. Easy brightness adjustment.

9 grow slots giving plenty of breathing space for your indoor growth.

Smart hydroponic growing system will stay active 16 hours and turn off for 8 hours, providing your plants the optimum amount of light to promote healthy growth.

Monitor your plants temperature using the inbuilt thermometer display.

Water irrigation - water can last up to 2-3 weeks reducing the risk of root rot caused by overwatering.

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LED: Full Spectrum multi illumination.

Light modes: White light, Blue light, Red light.

Working lifetime: 50,000 (hours)

Contains: Aquaponics Smart grow system, soilless medium.

Certificate: CE 

Warranty: 1 year 

Product Dimensions: 30x11.5x44(cm) - when fully extended

Product weight: 0.75 (kg)

Packaging information

Dimensions: 13x16x39(cm)

Weight: 1.25(kg)

“Grow healthy, fresh culinary herbs all year round and harvest daily. Even without a balcony or window space for natural light”